About the Starfish Partners Foundation

The Starfish Partners Foundation began in 2001 as a small grass-roots group of volunteers who saw unmet needs and an opportunity to make a difference.  We continue today with the help of our generous sponsors, friends and colleagues to make a difference.  Over the years, our fundraising initiatives have ranged from Jeans Day Fridays, golf tournaments, casino nights, and galas; the support from our generous donors has allowed us to donate a total of over $1,125,000 since inception.   backless foundation logo

We invite each of you to join us by being a guest at one of our exciting events, helping us get the word out, making a cash contribution, donating a product or service for our auction, becoming a sponsor, or all of the above!

Check out our charities, our events and our sponsors!  And while you’re at it, check out the pictures of how much fun we have at our events… it’s the most fun you’ll ever have while supporting two great charities and truly “making a difference”.

The Starfish Partners Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is:

“To create and perpetuate an environment of charitable giving, to foster hope and personal growth, to support medical research, and to enhance the lives of people in need.”

Our event has been repeatedly ranked in the Top 20 Metroplex Fundraisers by the Dallas Business Journal, and since inception, the Foundation has donated over $1,000,000 to our deserving charities. We appreciate your support as we continue to make a tremendous impact on these two worthy organizations, and we look forward to seeing you on October 18th at Rock the Cure!

See how you can help!

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